Over time, sex from a passionate, exciting action turns into a routine.

So, almost every couple is faced with this.

Deficit of kisses
Lack of kisses before sex or even their absence suggests that sex begins to turn into a routine especially without products for women health. Some men even have a habit of coming from work to kiss their woman on the forehead. It is better to kiss on the lips, at worst, in the corner of the mouth or neck.

Lack of romantic atmosphere
The sexual atmosphere also will not help to raise sexual life in the right way.

Self-undressing can also mean that a couple takes sex for granted, a certain “duty,” and stops turning the process of undressing into an erotic game, as it happened at the beginning of the relationship.

No compliments
Sometimes, when you have been living together for a very long time, you no longer need to say to your soulmate every day: “You look beautiful/sexy.” But, it is compliments that can give a second breath of your sex life.

Household conversations after sex
Worst of all, when immediately after receiving pleasure begins a conversation about the upcoming household issues. If this happens already, then sex is unlikely to be remembered, no matter how passionate it was.